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Residential + Commercial Floors We Service

Floor Types Serviced About 2B Floored Inspection Services

Our current serviced residential + commercial product categories include:
• Rigid Core LVP & Tile - floating
• Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank - fully adhered
• Vinyl Composition & Solid Vinyl Tile (VCT / SVT)
• Sheet Vinyl & Linoleum
• Laminate Flooring
• Engineered & Solid Hardwood
• Carpet

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About 2B Floored Inspection Services

Complete Clarity
2B Floored Inspection Services is specifically trained and certified to perform the necessary inspection procedures and field testing to determine the cause of flooring failures. Flooring failures are usually related to improper specification, improper installation, moisture, manufacturing defects, improper maintenance, or damage after installation. Our report will also note the conditions on the exterior of the facility and the areas below the floor, such as basements and crawl spaces. This is to ensure that the required environmental conditions are present to support a healthy floor.


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A comprehensive on-site inspection is conducted with thorough documentation of all areas of concern in a professionally written report with digital photography of all concerns. The report will include all relative references to manufacturer’s and industry standards and the assignment of responsibility to the appropriate party / parties. This type of inspection is used when attempts to resolve the issue among the parties involved is unsuccessful and there is the possibility of litigation.